Air with grab

Description: Heelside air with any grab on board.
Tip: Here’s a trick to get you comfortable grabbing the board. Just go for big air and grab (not slap) the board in whatever way you feel comfortable with. Key thing- bring the board to you not you down to the board!
There ar several types of grabs with varied difficulty, see our grabs explained.

Off the wake 360

Description: Rider uses wake (no air) to rotate board 360 degrees
Tip: This trick can be one in progression from the Off-the-Wake 180. Ride up the wake, at the very top do a 360 without leaving the surface of the water and ride back down.


Description: Board rotates 360 degrees on the surface of the water with a handle rotation over the head
Tip: This is just like a Surface 360 with some added style! It works like this, instead of doing a behind-the-back handle pass through your 360 rotation, keep the handle in your trailing hand and hold it over your head as you rotate the trick. It’s best to do this after cutting outside the wake about 10 feet. Remember, the handle never leaves your hand as the rope goes right over you making for a styling’ move. Olé!


Description: Rider uses wake to get into air and rotate board 360 degrees
Tip: As you leave the wake and you’re in the air, pull the handle to your rear hip while letting go with your lead hand and looking over your lead shoulder and let the rest of your body follow, this will start you spinning, keep you position vertical. With your back to the boat now, reach behind the small of your back with your free hand, and pass the handle, bring it back to your lead hip, spot your landing.

Fashion Air

Description: Backscratcher with any hand held high and back
Tip: Very similar to a Backscratcher, the Fashion Air is the same 90 degree knee-bend getting the board closer to your rear. What makes it different is that you must also swing your arm up and out behind you too- some riders placing their hand behind their head and tilting it back like a pose to add a bit of style might have given the Fashion Air it’s name.


Description: Board rotates 90 degrees and back
Tip: Think of this as a half 180 rotation or better yet, like stalling an Air 180. Something like this… go off the wake, start your 180, hesitate half way like you changed your mind in mid-air, and bring the board back and land it, There you have it, the Twist!

Bunny Hop 360

Description: Outside of wake, rider must hop and twist 360 degrees
Tip: This one is a little tricky only because you’re not using the wake for lift. To do a Bunny Hop 360, it is important load the line with a little resistance from the handle with a push on the tail of the board. Once you release to start the rotation keep you position vertical, lead with you head and let the rest of your body follow.


Description: Rider lays back onto water, back touching water required (1 sec. min.)
Tip: Gene Kornacki describes this as: “The best way to do a Layback is to edge out strong into the flats, slowly bend backwards and allow your board to come out of the water. Once you feel you’re beginning to sink or you begin to lose speed, simply catch the edge of your board and pull yourself up with the handle. Don’t pull too hard to get up you could end up with a head full of water and peeled back eyelids.
This trick is a great stepping stone for those of us who want to master the Tumble Turn. I keep trying to stay down longer and get my board higher out of the water.”


Description: Riders gets air and outs board 90 degrees to water behind rider
Tip: This one is very much like a Fashion Air- As you jump the wake, all you need to do is bend your knees to a 90 degree angle so the board reaches back toward your rear.

540 wrapped

Description: Rider uses wake to get air and rotate a full 360 plus a half (180)
Tip: You need a LOT of rotation for this one!

Back Roll

Description: Heelside Back Roll
Tip: Tommy Fambrough says “Remember on the Roll to load the line by edging all the way through the wake away from the boat. Then turn your head over you right shoulder and spot your landing! (right shoulder goofy foot — left shoulder regular foot) The force developed with the edge and cut away from the boat will shoot you around. Its all physics. Two forces acting — one the handle pulling and the other on the board resisting. The forces are equal until you edge through the wake and the force on the board releases. By edging away and going off the wake you start a rotation and the handle force is now the only acting force so it pulls you around. All you have to do is keep good body position and hold on for the ride.

540 wrapped

Description: Same as 1-wake 540, but must clear both wakes
Tip: John Pilkintnon describes the Frontside 540 like this- “This trick is very difficult and is very underrated. Pull out about 7-10 feet, where you will be approaching the wake on your frontside edge. Come in on a fairly aggressive edge, flattening your board as you hit the wake. You don’t want to lean in on your cut otherwise you’ll get kicked off axis and get worked, hard! As you hit the wake, wait a second, so your board and body become even, then initiate your rotation. Try to over-rotate the trick so you wont catch a toeside edge and fall. Unlike a frontside 360 where you look at the shore for your landing, on the 540 you’re going to want to look back at the boat so you’re body is square for the landing. The landing will be awkward because you’ll have the rope in your rear hand, but eventually you’ll be able to make a second handle-pass.