Description: Toeside front roll-to-revert
Tip: Scott Cahill sent us some email with these tips for the Scarecrow:
· 1. Start out at about 10-12 feet outside the wake frontside
· 2. Slowly begin to progressive edge into and all the way through it
· 3. As you leave the wake throw your head down while dipping your back shoulder
· 4. As you get half way through the rotation (when your upside down) pull the rope to your back hip
· 5. This allow you to roll around at land your board fakie

Bel Air

Description: Tantrum without using the wake for air


Description: No Wake Scarecrow


Description: Toeside Air Raley with 180 degree turn, land opposite direction from take off

Hoochie Glide

Description: Air Raley with method grab (heelside grab)


Description:  Switchstance Front Flip to Blindside 180


Description: Tantrum Mobius with overhead handle pass


Description: No Wake WirlyBird


Description: Heelside rotational roll-combination flip with handle pass
Tip: Scott Cahill sent us some email with these tips for the Mobuis:
· 1. Start out only about 5-7 outside the wake – you are going to need a lot of control for this one
· 2. As you edge in, cut away from the boat as you leave the wake
· 3. Throw your board back as if you were doing a roll-to-revert
· 4. But as you rotate to fakie, take your back hand and put it into the small of your back and reach for the handle
· 5. Once you get the handle it will rotate you the rest of the way

Pete Rose

Description: AKA Frontside Mobius- Toeside rotational roll-combination flip with handle pass


Description: Backside air raley with/360 body rotation while extended
Tip: Scott Cahill sent us some email with these tips for the S-Bend:
· 1. Start out as far as you can outside the wake cause you are going to be hauling as you leave the wake
· 2. Cut like you are doing a Raley and as you leave the wake put your head between your arms and rotate inward
· 3. As you are rotating, your board should be above your head
· 4. As you finish your 360 overhead rotation, look to spot your landing
· 5. Many can do this but only a few can do it right – if done right it should look like a Frontside Wirlybird


Description: S-Bend To Fakie


Description: Heelside double 360 Heli’s with additional 180 rotation
Tip: Rotation, Rotation, ROTATION!


Description: Triple 360
Tip: Rotation, Rotation, ROTATION, ROTATION, oh and more ROTATION! Also you better be quick with that handle